Fieldnotes from the Metaverse — The Metaverse Roadmap

Setting the scene

The Metaverse Roadmap

Metaverse Roadmap Overview, 2007
  • Intimate / Identity means experiences focused on the identities or actions of an individual or object, acting in self-interest
  • External / World means experiences focused on the world at large, providing information and control of the world around the user
  • Augmentation / Real Worlds are experiences that add experiences to the perception of the physical world
  • Simulation / Constructed Worlds are experiences that model parallel realities, offering constructed, simulated worlds
The four Metaverse areas, as per Metaverse Roadmap, 2007
  • MUDs: Text-based, roleplaying & character exploration, narrative storytelling (see Fieldnotes from the Metaverse — Multi-User Dungeons)
  • Minecraft: 3D on monitor, mobile and VR, highly abstracted, sandbox, world building, emergent stories
  • Gather: 2D on monitor, abstracted, exploration, socializing, collaboration
  • Fortnite: 3D on monitor and mobile, stylized, game, PvP, sandbox
  • Call of Duty: 3D on monitor, realism, game, PvP, competitive
  • AltspaceVR: 3D in VR, abstracted, meeting spaces, events, collaboration, shared experiences
  • Microsoft Mesh: 2D and 3D on monitor, mobile, AR and VR, real to abstracted, meetings, collaboration, shared presence
  • Bing Maps / Google Maps: A virtual representation of the real world where users can explore their vicinity or navigate parts of the world that they are not currently present
  • Foursquare: Virtual representation of real locations, including their metadata
  • Lyft: A virtual representation of available mobility capacity & demand
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport APIs: Virtual representation of the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, including in- and outbound flights, wayfinding, and occupancy
  • Philips Hue Lights: Virtual representation of light bulbs and the environmental data they influence
  • Google Maps AR Navigation: Ability to navigate with heads-up information on a heads-up-display, monitor or mobile phone
  • Swarm: Ability to digitally annotate, bookmark and share the physical space around the user via a mobile phone
  • Pokémon Go: Interacting with fictional, game-controlled characters as well as real players in the real environment via a mobile phone
  • Snapchat AR filters: Experiential changes to the perception of the real world, though a mobile phone or headset
  • Dynamics 365 Guides: Using a headset to see step-by-step holographic instructions for training purposes and live procedures on the actual objects


  • Twitter: Broadcast short thoughts & opinions with a large, typically anonymous audience
  • Facebook: Share various parts of your life as bite-sized updates with selected friend circles
  • LinkedIn: Share specific, work-related updates and opinions to a related professional audience
  • Teams / Slack: Communicate, share, work together with a select circle of collaborators
  • People sharing their experiences live to an audience, for example them playing a game, watching a show, or just talking and interacting with the audience


This breaks with the collective vision that a “Metaverse” must be a real-time rendered 3D experience in VR.

Technical implications

Technical knowledge and approaches are the same or at least transferable between the stated Metaverse areas.

Conceptual implications

Users will navigate between areas based on context and intent, similar to a customer journey

Approaches, methods, and mechanics to design experiences are the same or at least transferable between the stated Metaverse areas.


Locating modern platforms along the model, my subjective version

Living in Berlin / Germany, working at Microsoft, loving technology, society, good food, well designed games and this world in general. Views are mine, k?

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Dirk Songuer

Dirk Songuer

Living in Berlin / Germany, working at Microsoft, loving technology, society, good food, well designed games and this world in general. Views are mine, k?

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