As I scrolled through my news feed I came across Virgin Hyperloop’s new video documenting their first-ever Hyperloop passenger test. According to their website they traveled 500 meters at 48 m/s (172 km/h) using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation in a near-vacuum environment.

All I could think was: They are still taking care of this domesticated white elephant? Aww, bless them!

Rare animals: White Elephants

The history of white elephants is actually quite interesting. The original white elephants were kept by rulers and kings in Southeast Asia to show their wealth and power. The animals were considered sacred and they were protected by law from doing any kind of labor. …


Dirk Songuer

Living in Berlin / Germany, working at Microsoft, loving technology, society, good food, well designed games and this world in general. Views are mine, k?

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